Choosing Scuba Instructors

How do I choose the right Scuba Instructor?


Scuba instruction tends to thrive in economies such as the one we are experiencing today. When jobs are difficult to come by, people rely on skills that allow them to trade their knowledge for extra income.

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This means that the consumer has many options.

Some of these options are…

  1. Established Dive Centers

  2. College Courses

  3. Independent Instructors


All of these can have very solid marketing, great websites and provide quality training. This can lead to a lot of confusionGoProCymn_2582 about how to choose the right place to learn to dive.

So you might wonder, “How do I choose where to learn to dive?”

First, consider the time that you are willing to put into your training. College courses are very thorough, but can take up to sixteen weeks, a busy dive center may only allow three days for a certification program, and an independent instructor has the ability to be flexible enough to teach longer, but may cost a bit more than the other options.

Second, think about your reason for learning to dive. If you are an active swimmer, with a strong comfort level in the water, a shorter, less personalized course may be all that you need.  If your comfort level is low in aquatic activities, you will benefit from a longer course, either much more in depth, such as a college course, or something more tailored to your personal needs, such as private instruction.

Finally, you should take a really honest look at what you are trying to accomplish by becoming a diver. Many people learn to dive as just an experience.  They take a course, earn a certification and then go on vacation to dive for one or two days, and hang up their fins.  Other divers approach diving as a lifestyle, conduct hundreds of dives over a relatively short time.  There is nothing wrong with either approach, but if you are planning on really being a diver, it is a good idea to take the time to find a true mentor who will take the time to teach the nuances of diving such as dive site assessment.

There are many great instructors out there. It is a good idea to spend a bit of time seeking out the instructor who has a personality and teaching style that meets your needs.  The only way to do this is through research and doing the leg work to actually meet and discuss your diving plans with instructors until you find one that clicks.

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