Patti Suggs


Patti Suggs, PADI Master Instructor, DAN Instructor Trainer, EFR Instructor Trainer

Patti was born Patricia Denise Suggs.  She has been an expert in many fields, from writing operating manuals for airline companies, to assisting with communications between medical offices in Florida, she has had her fingers in a little bit of everything.patti diving2

She currently holds a Master’s Degree in communications from Florida State University that she is putting to work creating materials for Divers Alert Network.

In 2008, Patti decided to try SCUBA.  Like so many other people, this was a life changing event for her.  She started to quickly work toward Dive Master, IMG_7750and then PADI Instructor.  Patti now holds the rating of Master Instructor, is an EFR Instructor Trainer and a DAN Instructor Trainer.  She works closely with the diving community, creating safety resources and organizing volunteer events to clean up local dive sites.

Patti is quite the accomplished SCUBA Instructor, with hundreds of certifications to her name, she can be found encouraging her students to become involved in Project AWARE, and to always pay attention to the environment with scheduled beach clean ups that she organizes.

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