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Divers Alert Network in 2017

The people at Diver’s Alert Network have worked throughout 2016 to create a series of programs to help scuba industry professionals increase the safety of their students. These programs will begin rolling out over the early part of 2017. The first program to be released is DAN E learning.  All […]

Hatley Mississippi Fire Department

Hatley Fire

17-08-2016 Today, I received a very complementary letter from an individual who used to bring a team of responders to me for annual training. Over the years, these guys became much more to me than customers, they were friends. I watched them grow as a team, working with very little […]


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I fear for my son’s world

A need to be trained (I want to preface this by saying that I want to rant, and scream… recent events terrify me, and I have a hard time seeing a bright future for the world anymore.  We are not supposed to worry about this! I am not supposed to be […]

Why You Should Join DAN

Diver or Not… Most divers have at least heard of DAN. Thoughts of Dive Accident Insurance pop up whenever I talk with people about what I do for a living, but there is so much more involved. First, DAN stands for Divers Alert Network and is a North Carolina based […]