TRY Diving is dedicated to helping you…

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  • If you have never been diving, we would like to introduce you to the world that we love…
  • If you are a diver already, we want to help you develop your skills and grow…
  • If you want to share diving with others, we want to mentor you through becoming a SCUBA Instructor
  • We want to see you grow your skills, your confidence, your business!

Todd Yarbrough teaching a scuba course

All courses with TRY Diving are conducted in small groups, no more than 4 students are ever in any recreational course (unless by request of the students, eg. Family of 5)

We believe that small groups and individual attention are the only way to ensure that we are turning out divers, not just people who can dive

We guarantee you will leave with the skill and confidence to be a great diver!