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An overview of what DAN has to offer


As a diver, I have been a DAN member for many years, and as a dive professional I have promoted DAN membership to my students and fellow divers, but it took me years to learn the real reach that DAN has into the safety of the diving community.

With a stated vision of making every dive accident and injury free, Divers Alert Network is a resource for divers, conducting research that directly effects the safety of divers, creating programs to teach divers how to respond to emergencies, providing safety equipment, and offering dive accident insurance. The mission of helping divers in need of medical emergency assistance and promoting dive safety through research, education, products and services isDEMA 2015 reason enough for most instructors to promote DAN membership to their clients, but most diving professionals do not fully know the breadth of what DAN has to offer.

With alliances, old and new throughout the diving industry worldwide, DAN is reaching more divers, and impacting diver safety more today than ever before.

Health and Diving:

Over the past few years, DAN has created a series of materials addressing the needs of the diving community. With publications written directly for divers and dive professionals, DAN has addressed important topics such as air space equalization on many different levels.  These publications are all available here to anyone interested in improving their knowledge of diving physiology and accident prevention.


DAN Research is currently working on several projects, the most known being the DAN Annual Diving Report.  This publication gives descriptions and statistics on the reported accidents that DAN has received and had a direct impact on.  Information on the many other studies can be found here:




The DAN Medical Department is always on call with a 24-hour Emergency Hotline (1-919-684-9111) that will put divers in direct contact with a medical professional familiar with scuba related injuries from anywhere in the world. This line is open to all divers, active DAN membership or not!


They also offer a Medical Information Line (+1-919-684-2948) that is currently available during business hours in the eastern time zone. This resource is also available to anyone with questions about health and diving.  You can also e mail your questions to the Ask a Medic section of the DAN website.

One of the most amazing things that DAN has accomplished over the years has been creating a Referral Network of physicians and hyperbaric chambers spanning the globe.  This is also available to anyone.


DAN created the first program for Oxygen administration for diver related injuries, and has continued to create and maintain the best programs in first aid for diver related injuries. These programs are conducted by diving professionals listed on this database.  Training is made fun, easy and interactive with many different delivery methods including traditional book and classroom presentations, video guided, electronic publications and e learning.

DAN also offers many online lectures free to the public at https://www.diversalertnetwork.org/training/onlineseminars

Retail Products:

DAN BAGDan also offers diving safety products such as first aid kits, emergency oxygen kits and general diving safety equipment such as surface marker buoys, lights and whistles available online, or through local scuba retailers.


So far, everything discussed has been available to everyone, but DAN has a membership program for individual divers and families that gives divers access to even more layers of protection.

First, DAN offers totally free Student Membership for divers taking their introductory scuba course.  This only covers the student for 20,000 in recompression treatment while they are in class, or up to six months (whichever comes first).  It also gives the student access to all of DAN’s online seminars.  The best thing about this program, students can either enroll themselves, or the instructor can enroll them.

Membership in DAN is available to all divers, and for just 35.00 per year.  With membership, divers gain access to Alert Diver Magazine, A travel planner called Worldcue, access to all of DAN’s online seminars and DAN’s TravelAssist benefits.  These include up to 100,000.00 dollars in emergency evacuation coverage anytime you are more than 50 miles from home, advances of up to 5,000.00 dollars for hospital admittance, and many other travel assistance benefits.


Trip and Travel Insurance is offered by DAN to anyone, and is not solely dive related.

Another benefit of membership is access to DAN’s Dive Accident Insurance.  These are paid plans offering coverage for between 30.00 and 125.00 dollars per year.  These plans protect against Dive Accidents and you can read more about them here!

DAN also offers Equipment and Life insurance

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