Divers Alert Network in 2017

The people at Diver’s Alert Network have worked throughout 2016 to create a series of programs to help scuba industry professionals increase the safety of their students. These programs will begin rolling out over the early part of 2017.

Divers Alert Network Building

The first program to be released is DAN E learning.  All of the programs that have been traditionally offered by DAN Instructors are now available on a very clean and intuitive platform.  Diving Emergency Management Provider (DEMP) and Diving First Aid for the Diving Professional (DFA Pro) and all of their component courses

  • CPR for the Health Care Provider
  • Basic Life Support, CPR and First Aid
  • Neurological Assessment
  • Hazardous Marine Life Injuries
  • Emergency Oxygen Administration

have been shifted onto the new platform and all of the student and instructor materials are available there for free.

The next program to be introduced to the diving public will be the Prepared Diver Program.  This tool will be a valuable asset to diving instructors.  It will operate from the same e learning platform as the other programs, but is a video led primer on diving safety based on the 35 years of research and emergency management conducted at DAN.  Sections include Respecting Limits, Managing Air, Equalization, Buoyancy Control, Ascents and Personal Responsibility while Diving.  The best part of this program is that any dive professional will have the ability to offer it to their divers.

The Student Dive Accident Coverage Program offered by DAN is becoming a more robust, protecting divers for any injury they receive during their entry level open water course.  This benefit will be available to dive professionals who join the DAN Professional Diver Program.  Having the ability to offer 25,000.00 in Dive Accident Coverage to your students while they are in your course is the perfect way to protect yourself and your students in the event of a diving related injury.

DAN is also working to develop tools to mitigate risks for dive professionals and dive operations in the form of Risk Mitigation Protocols.  The first is a Hazard Identification & Risk Assessment (HIRA)  program that will allow a dive operation to take an objective look at the real risks that they are accepting.  The other programs will address Air Quality and Safety, Diving Safety and Equipment and Safety.

These new programs, along with all of the work that has always been done by DAN is truly making Diver’s Alert Network your dive safety organization.  For information on how to incorporate these programs into your diving business, contact Todd Yarbrough at tyarbrough@dan.org or by phone at 850-527-1307.

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