TRY Diving Course of the Month


Fortunately for those of us who love diving, scuba diving injuries are rare… however, because of the nature of the environment that we are in when diving, they can be very serious.  Oxygen first aid is the first response for scuba diving injuries and can speed the injured diver’s recovery and reduce the risk of long term effects.

DAN created the original course to train divers to administer emergency oxygen and has refined it over the years to make it the most comprehensive program on the market.  Not only does DAN provide the training, but they also design and sell the O2 Kits in the big green boxes that divers see on boats and in dive centers all over the world, and they offer a grant to dive centers, clubs and Public Safety teams to try and put as much oxygen in the field, where it is needed, as possible.

As a diver, knowing how to administer oxygen could save someone’s life, so why would you want to learn this valuable skill from anyone except for the people who started it all.

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