Sun Safety

As a diver, we expose ourselves to many hazards, and most of those are clearly explained by dive operators and scuba instructors. However, one hazard that is often overlooked is sun exposure.  The most immediate danger of too much sun exposure is sunburn.  With repeated sun damage, skin begins to […]

Pre-dive Safety Check

Due to a very good comment on Facebook, I have decided to add another paragraph to this article.  Huge thanks to James Lapenta for his input Conducting a standard pre-dive safety check before every dive is a great habit to get into. Every agency teaches students to check over their […]

Why You Should Join DAN

Diver or Not… Most divers have at least heard of DAN. Thoughts of Dive Accident Insurance pop up whenever I talk with people about what I do for a living, but there is so much more involved. First, DAN stands for Divers Alert Network and is a North Carolina based […]

Scuba Diving Equipment Checklist

When diving off of a boat, you might be tempted to bring everything, just so you are prepared. As a boat operator out of Florida, I beg you, please don’t.  To help with your decision making process, I have put together a list of essentials that are always welcome when […]

Become a Scuba Instructor

Have you ever felt unfulfilled by your career choices? Do you need a change from the daily grind? Do you like the beach? Do you enjoy adventures? Are you outgoing? If you answered yes to any of these questions, a career in scuba diving might be the change you have […]