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I call her my “Adopted Dive Mom”. scuba instructor on a boat

Patti helped me throughout my IDC and IE.    Patti is an absolutely wonderful Dive Instructor, who brings a friendly warm demeanor to the sport and every group outing she has joined.   Patti was so helpful and watchful of my progress in diving I call her my “Adopted Dive Mom”.  She gave great tips which helped me to do very well in my IE open water instructor exam.

Thomas Gilmore

PADI Instructor

PFI Free-diving Instructor


“Patti is one of the best instructors I have worked with!”

scuba instructor in the poolI have certifications from multiple agencies and have worked with many great instructors as a student and professionally.  Patti is one of the best I have seen; from Discover Scuba through Instructor Development.  Her high standards for divers and diver safety, paired with her teaching skills and support of learners, means her classes are of the highest quality.  Patti’s expertise helped me be successful in becoming an Open Water Instructor and I know my students benefit from all that she has taught me.


Martin Bremer

PADI Instructor

Tallahassee, FL

scuba instructor in key largo

“Patti and Todd make a great team and having both working with us at our IDC made us feel like we got more than the value of the class.”

Stephen Pate

PADI Instructor

Easy Divers Memphis

“Hi Todd! I just wanted to tell you how great I thought the DAN training was.”

You and Patti were great!  I really appreciated how well informed you guys were, especially Patti.  She had great examples for scenarios that I have since used in my classes.  She also kept things interesting, which couldn’t have been easy for such a long training session.  I hope to copy Patti’s teaching styles in my classes, using humor, experience and patience to encourage more people to take safety classes.  The DAN training class was a wonderful experience and I can’t thank you and Patti enough!

C Sherece Wade

PADI Dive Master

Panama City Beach, FL

 “In any activity, trade, or craft there is a point in time where an individual “gets it.”

Todd and Patti get it as instructors. I’ve had the privilege of their instruction and mentorship at many levels including PADI Assistant Instructor, Instructor, IDC Staff Instructor and DAN Instructor. Their outstanding attitude, and understanding of diving concepts has been a tremendous help to me professionally and personally, and has continued for many years. I would take any level of course from Todd and Patti, and appreciate their teaching. I highly recommend Todd and Patti, in any dive endeavor, as they are the consummate SCUBA Industry Leaders.

Graham Vockroth

PADI Instructor

Gateside Scuba, Owner