Ramon Sellers / Pelagic Sports, DEMA Scholarship

PS LogoTRY Diving graduate, Ramon Sellers has reached out to help new instructors learn about the business of diving.  Read below to learn more!

How’s this for an incentive?  I’m going to help your new independent instructors get to DEMA!

It works like this:  The first new independent instructor from each of your IDC’s to get to 25 certifications will be eligible for a $250 scholarship to help offset their costs of attending DEMA.  Roughly 8 weeks out from DEMA, I’m going to put the names of everyone who qualified into a container, and then draw out a scholarship winner.  In other words, let’s say you teach 6 IDC’s between now and DEMA.  There should be 6 qualified new independent instructors.  One of those 6 people is going to get $250.


Proof will be a screenshot, PDF, or JPEG of their certification report with at least 25 certifications listed, which should be emailed to both of us.  You tell me who was first from each IDC – that person will be in the drawing.  I’ll announce the winner via email (all together) to every new instructor who allows me to contact them via email.  I will meet the winner in person at DEMA and hand them an envelope with $250 cash, along with something to commemorate their accomplishment.

Independent Instructor:  not a shop employee, pays their own insurance, teaches students in addition those given to them by existing dive shops  (honor system – they’ll need to self identify as an independent instructor)
Hopefully this will give new independent instructors a little encouragement to get out there and start teaching, as well as letting your students know that Pelagic Sports is committed to helping independents.  It should also underscore the importance of DEMA, and help somebody get there.  It also helps you accomplish your goals because it may help some people think more about teaching independently, while encouraging the entire class to get started quickly.  I hope that this year, you’ll see a lot more of your students seriously pursuing success through the dive industry.
I may up the ante, depending on business during this season, we’ll see.
Your feedback is valuable.  Also, please let me know if you have any questions.